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In situations of dire emergencies, where all hope seems to be lost -- pissclams may be declared.

It is important that pissclams is declared. It can never be just said, spoken or asked. If you have to ask if pissclams should be declared, then more than likely it is already too late to declare pissclams.

Once pissclams is declared, all members should resolve themselves to being in a situation that called for pissclams to be declared. This should lead to heavy drinking, grumbling on teamspeak and perhaps even ritual suicide. It is always important to keep one's actions internal to RS teamspeak during a situation that called for pissclams to be declared. Spamming game chat will not be tolerated and not appropriate for even as such dire situations that called for pissclams to be declared.

Situations that called for pissclams to be declared can sometimes be countered with "Fuck These Bitches." At such time, as events change, the situation that called for pissclams may end. It is not necessary to undeclare pissclams. Once the situation is over, you will know it.

Note that it is incorrect usage to say, "We're in a pissclams situation." Pissclams is a declaration, not an adjective. It is a situation in which pissclams was declared, not a pissclams situation.

Although used more frequently in the past, pissclams has not been declared in recent memory. shruew is the only known member to have declared pissclams.

On Oct 19th, 2008 RS-GenG shamed RS when he incorrectly declared pissclams. He failed to declare it, he just said it.