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Personality Survey

On 11/19/09 shruew started a personality survey in order to test his hypothesis that a former member "in the Myers Briggs classification, had Feeling characteristics. Such people generally do not last too long."


shruew's survey was largely inconclusive, but bore fruit to perhaps the most comprehensive evaluation of social structure.

shruew's Conclusion

The dominant personality types seems to be I(N/S)TJ

In fact, those that reported their score that were I**P, 3 of the 4 had only slight bias on the P side.

Introverted / Extroverted (7/4): Perhaps stereotypical that a gaming squad tends towards the Introverted side. Also perhaps a result that we have purposely kept the squad small this go round and people who need a ton of people to interact with won't get it here. Perhaps it's not unusual then that the years we had tons of players were so chaotic because the introverted leaders had no desire or perhaps ability to wrangle so many people.

Sensing / Intuition (5/6): Here we are split 50/50 more or less. And there didnt seem to be any middle grounders here. You are either one or the other. Sensing and Intuition are the information gathering traits. Sensing people are (according to the Myers Briggs folks) those that prefer concrete, solid information while the Intuition people are the abstract theoretical people. This mix then seems good -- a solid group of practical and possibility orientated people.

Thinking / Feeling (9/2): As predicted, the Thinkers are the dominant group in this squad. The MB topology, Thinkers are the cold hearted go by the facts, or do what is right while Feelers are gay (no homo). This really reflects looking at a situation outside in (Thinkers) vs putting yourself in the situation and making one's decision. We're not a big group hug squad. Alas, I cannot confirm my thesis that Feelers don't last long. It's clearly not a universal rule as GenG has been with us for 4 years. The other Feeler, Sarg, is still relatively new, but well entrenched at this point.

Judgment / Perception (7/4): As I noted, a lot of the Perception people had only a slight bias towards Perception. This squad is a Judgment squad. Since we're also a Thinking squad, TJ's are thought of as "Logical" while FJ's are empathetic and give out BJ's and HJ's (no, I can't help myself with the Feeling jokes). In general, Judgment types just want shit settled. In general, this is a no drama squad. And when there is, we move quickly to settle it and move on.


As noted by shruew, this fails to show whether or not Feeling members tend to leave the squad at a higher rate than Thinkers. He lamented that we couldn't have members who have already left the squad, on less than positive terms, take the test in order to test his hypothesis.

Recently, the siblings I think, have taken the test and were categorized as having Feeling personalities. shruew is hoping this is the chance to prove his hypothesis correct.