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Midget Clown

A Midget Clown is defined as any clown, who's proportion are 46.6% or less of a standard metric clown. This percent reduction must be present in all attributes of the midget clown. For instance, they can't be 46.6% the height, but only 80% in weight. That would just be silly.

Examples of Midget Clowns

Examples of Midget Clowns can be found in the humor section of the Das Stunties! website.

Scholarship for Midget Clowns

While all midgets have the ablitity to receive government aid through college, Midget Clowns can recieve much more federal support.

Additional Information

For more information regarding scholarships for midget please visit www.DasStuties.gov

For Midget Clowns- Please visit the clown section for further information.

DasStunties.gov is a non-profit organization supported by the good people at Das Stunties! for the betterment of all those afflicted with dwarfism.