K/D ratio

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K/D Ratio

The ratio of kills to deaths of a player, usually shown in decimal format. a 2.50 K/D ratio means that on average a player kills 2.5 enemies before he dies once.

Magic K/D Ratio

While K/D ratios vary far and wide, it is generally accepted (and has been confirmed by Tibetan monks) that the K/D ratio to shoot for is 3.00. Anything above this K/D ratio demonstrates optimal efficiency. It has been confirmed that a ratio between 2.00 and 3.00 is also of great benefit to the team, and a ratio between 1.00 and 2.00 leaves room for improvement, but is satisfactory.

K/D Ratio of Shame

A ratio below 1.00, the culmination of which is the dreaded K/D ratio of 0*. Exceptions apply**.

  • When deaths have been accumulated.
    • In objective based game-play, the K/D ratio is sometimes a secondary consideration to completing the objective in question. Die-hard (literally) followers of the K/D ratio dogma, however, dispute this claim, insisting that killing all the enemies is always a viable tactic.