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J-Night occurred on July 18th, 2009 when a group of Ranger Squad members playing on another clan's server created quite a disruptive disturbance. Its aftermath led to strained, if not severed, ties between two clans that used to be quite cordial and a general reaction of WTF towards RS.


The incident began when RS-shruew changed his name to reference a comedy script he was developing “Return of Super Jew 2.” The administrators of the server deemed this name offensive and warned him to change it or be kicked. As shruew changed his name, he raised objections as to why it would be offensive; claiming, as he would later discover incorrectly, to be of a Polish Jewish heritage.


Other members of RS chimed in in defense of the name and other just to pile on. In the undercurrent, certain members of RS who had long running disdain for the server and / or admins used the occasion to let out anything and everything they could. The combination of RS members making humorous, nonsense and cynical remarks combined with those venting their true conflicts left quite a negative impression.



Various members were temporarily banned and RS-Thorn earned a permanent revocation of his rights to play the server. Ironically, RS-shruew received no ban. Eventually, the chaos died down and the few remaining RS members on the server played in relative quiet.

Any RS member can expect quick and sudden temp or permanent bans on this server in the future.

RS Reaction to Bans

Various RS members suggested ways to continue to rib the other clan and defend RS-Thorn by continuing the themes of J-Night. However, it was agreed that any humor found in that night would not translate into ongoing use.

Relations with the other clan continue to be strained overall.

RS-Thorn declares that a peace accord has been signed. J-Night is not to be repeated and any member who even speaks of it will be put in front of the DEL for judgment.