GenG's Theorem

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GenG's Theorem purports to explain the probability of a DayZ atv flipping. It was, unsurprisingly given its name, postulated by RS-GenG.

The Theorem

Fatv = 100(Geng * P1 * Px * Py... /R^2)

Fatv = Chance of ATV flipping

Geng = constant = 2.047^20

P1 = Relative skill level of Player that is some distance away from Calculated as 101 - X. Where X = skill out of 100.

Px & Py = Variable for any additional players that are some distance away from that are also on a vehicle raised to the first power.

R^2 = Distance away from to the second power

This means that the more people who are on vehicles near GenG increase the risk of flipping for all of them.

I will work through both examples with you.

With LostPawn:

Fatv = Geng * P1 * Px * Py... /R^2

Since GenG is constant let's assume that Lost has a skill level of 100. We were around 6km or so away at the time of the flip. There were other players in the server, but it is unknown how many were on vehicles.

2.047^20(101-100)/6000m^2 = 0.04635049243

0.04635049243 x 100 = 4.635...% chance of flipping.

Fact or Fiction?

It is unclear whether this theorem is irrefutable fact or not. GenG is contemplating calling for the Congress of the Cow to rule on this matter.