Battlefield Era

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Battlefield Era


This era consisted of the games Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142. This era is marked by intense crappy-ness in competitive play.

Member recruitment

It is still remembered by older members that RS started to take in a high amount of younger players including members: GenG, Giberish, Godfather, and Haffeysucks. Many of these players caused problems within the squad and headaches resulted on Teamspeak. Others took some time to grow into more mature players. In order to avoid these problems in the future and to uphold the squads original intention, it was decided to aim for a generally older audience, while not enforcing any strict age. This is summed up as more of a maturity limit.

Slow Times

Late in BF2's run many members lost interest in playing, had little time for gaming, or had left the squad entirely. This left very few active members on the forums, at one point only about 5. After BF 2142 was released membership again rose and brought in many strong additions to the squad including: Hollowpoint, and Sgt_lynch.

Inactive members

A list of members who went inactive during this era AND are sorely missed: