Atomic Super Lasers from the Future

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Atomic Super Lasers from the Future

On September 3, 2007 shruew stunned the free world with the following announcement of the creation of the Atomic Super Lasers from the Future:

"Through great concentration and effort, I have obtained Atomic Super Lasers from the Future. I will be using these shortly to take over the world, make Atomic Super Ninja Zombie Cheerleaders and to cook popcorn at levels here unto never thought of possible in the history of man kind.

I just wanted to share, because an inevitable outcome of this accomplishment is that I will be asked to test my Atomic Super Lasers from the Future.

During so, you may find your loved ones obliterated, crushed by amounts of popcorn never before conceived during mankind or transformed into my new army of sexy, undead ninjas.

Please note, this will bring me no joy other than the comfort of taking over the world and having all my worldly desired fulfilled via the threat of my Atomic Super Lasers from the Future.

Thank you for listening."

Original of the Phrase

"Atomic Super Lasers from the Future" was shruew's off the cuff first suggested title of his Master's thesis to his academic advisor. Although the advisor was fine with that title it was noted that it would show up on academic transcripts and used on resumes. Eventually shruew came up with some convoluted titled involving jibber jabber words such as "heuristic" "algorithm" and "decisioning" amongst other nonsensical words.