Ancient Game of Ball Slapping

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Ancient Game of Ball Slapping

Japanese form: 球が強く打った事の古代ゲーム


This is a one on one or team sport, however, the player's of both sides must be of even numbers. Each member of the team must have at least one testical. If they do not, they are disqualified and the other team is allowed to "team up" on a remaining opponent.

A drawing of chopsticks is done with one shortened stick. The drawer of the short stick goes first.

The first player approaches their opponent slowly while the opponent removes their clothes. Carefully sizing up their opponents testicals, the first player slaps them as hard as possible.

Now, it's the opponents turn! He repeats the steps that were done to him.

The two players go back and forth like this until one of them falls over in pain. If there are more than one player per team, the first player of the next round is from the team of the player who successfully slapped balls till submission.

As the teams become uneven due to submission, unused players may "team up" and double slap an opponent. The opponent can only make one slapping motion, but may line up the opposing testicals to try to swat at both sets.

The game continues until all the players on one team are on the ground. That team is declared the loser.

Legal / Illegal Slaps:

All slaps must be open handed. You may not punch or make contact with the testicals with any part of your body below the wrist. Slaps may be forehanded or backhanded. You are allowed to size up opposing testicals carefully by cupping them or adjusting them to allow them for proper slapping. If a flacid penis is blocking or guarding the testicals, you may adjust it or get it out of the slaps trajectory by any means necessary.

Cold Weather:

If in extreme cold weather a players testicals recedes into their body cavity, they are considered disqualified.