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==Ranger Squad Unit Logo for R1==
==Ranger Squad Unit Logo for R1==
[http://www.dumbppl.com/rangerfab.jpg Unit Logo R1]

==External Links:==
==External Links:==

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Realism1.com is a tactical realism league that was inspired by the tactical realism community. The Realism1 League uses the Open Warfare MOD for matches. The league has a full season and then playoffs to determine the Champion of the season.

Realism1 is currently in its second season of game play.

Realism1 Season 2 Standings

Realism1 Season 1 Schedule
Realism1 Season 2 Schedule

Realism1 Season 1 Champions
Realism1 Season 2 Champions

Ranger Squad started participating in Season 1 and continued into Season 2.

Ranger Squad Unit Logo for R1


External Links:

Realism1 Website
The Open Warfare Project