International Polar Bear Day

Feb 27th was International Polar Bear day.  On that day you were supposed to try to drive less or keep your thermostat down a couple degrees.  Which, of course, can be tough to do.  In many developing countries, they’re still building the coal refineries to power their air conditioners.

Of course, that’s not the worst news for polar bears.  PCB’s, which were used in paints and rubber products and banned in 2001, are still accumulating in the environment and causing polar bear’s baculum’s to become less dense.  (And if you don’t know what a polar bear baculum is, it’s literally their boner).

That’s some really bad news.  Especially if it’s your job to measure baculum density.  With the polar bear population hovering around 25,000 as it is the job market is already tough for polar bear scientists.  And if they’re paid by the measure micron of the baculum, that just affects their bottom line.

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