Infested created a discord for us ages ago but we rarely used it unless something was wrong with our TS. Discord has a native app for Windows/iOS/Android, they’re working on a Linux client and they have a web version if all else fails. I enjoy it’s simplicity and ease of use but I dislike it’s bubbly, bulky interface. Time will tell. I’m not firing up the TS server again any time soon.

Small Forum Update

I’ve added a couple new Boards so everything doesn’t get piled (and buried) in general discussions.  The new forums are:

  • Gaming Discussions – for all your gaming discussion needs
  • Quasi-Serious Discussions – for when we get quasi-serious (Rom, please avoid this Board)

An update from The Ginger

RS-Sparky has stepped up again and launched a new pub server for us.  It’s going to have a more relaxed load out and ideally more pub friendly when compared to R1 and TCC.  I’ve updated the server images above also hoping to simplify the look a bit.  The last ones were a little busy.

I’ve removed the stats image since it hasn’t been updated in ages.  It looks like our ‘stat fever’ was short lived.  Well, all of us but our fun-loving stat whore, Profit.  😀