Ranger Squad Fantasy Football Season 11

Ranger Squad Fantasy Football Season 11 is here – arguably our most eleventh-iest season to date!

Sign up, invite some friends — and remember, this isnt a friendly competition… we play for keeps!


This year’s theme bet is “My Left Foot.” In Honor of the 25th anniversary of the shaky appendaged art film the winner of this year’s league will receive all the left feet of the losers for 1 year. (The winner must return them in near mint condition after 1 calendar year).  Due to the nature of the prize and the fact they are going to be need to be returned, the League has declared that Quentin Tarantino will not be able to play this year.

Good luck!

USA Has Soccer, or International Non-American Football, Fever

All across this great nation of ours, people are contracting a disease in the form of a fever.  A fever that can only be cured not with cowbell, but with soccer.  Or, as they say in Europe – Non-American Football.

Even though the US Men’s Team lost to Germany, they will still advance to the next round.  Why?  Because we’re Americans damn it and that’s how we roll…

Still, it is disappointing to see our boys not learn from history.  The only way you can defeat Germans is when you play them while they are simultaneously playing the Russians, British and French (ok, maybe the French can just be on the sidelines serving the Germans water).