Infested created a discord for us ages ago but we rarely used it unless something was wrong with our TS. Discord has a native app for Windows/iOS/Android, they’re working on a Linux client and they have a web version if all else fails. I enjoy it’s simplicity and ease of use but I dislike it’s bubbly, bulky interface. Time will tell. I’m not firing up the TS server again any time soon.

Ranger Squad Wasteland

Thanks to everyone for playing Ranger Squad Wasteland. Apparently our server is hard to find on on the ARMA2 server browser and I’m not sure why. I have the same issue myself, but then again, in testing the filters I don’t get a lot of servers to show up. I’ve been doing a bunch of googling and haven’t really been able to figure anything out.

You can always connect directly via the IP:

We’re continuing to update the server. There is now an End Game Mission to our Wasteland where a team can actually win by re-establishing contact to the outside world via the communication tower at Green Mountain and securing a C130 at an airfield. See the Change Log post in the forums for a more complete description.

And finally the weather warms…

Maybe the weather was nicer in your neck of the woods, but here in shruewskivalnialandolaketittikakaisoverrated it’s finally turning to warm weather and those big sticks that crop out of the ground seem to be turning green. Also, everyone has forgotten how to drive for some reason and are zipping all over the place.

A big thank you to everyone that has have been playing the Ranger Squad Wasteland server and making it great. Hopefully as you’re hiding indoors this summer avoiding the giant death glove of burning fire in the sky you’ll continue to spend your free time there. We’ll be sure to continue to get some new and hopefully interesting things added as well!

February Update

Random factoid: shruews cannot spell February on the first try- ever; nor can they pronounce the first R in said month. This is not considered a defect, but an example for the world to aspire to. In other news…

Ranger Squad Wasteland

In case you have been living under a rock…Ranger Squad is now developing a custom version of the 404Wasteland mod. Please see the forums here for updates on what’s new.