And Winner is You!

Assuming you are, of course, Chillybilly.  Congrats to Chilly for winning Season 11 of Ranger Squad Fantasy Football.  This marks Chilly’s second championship in RS Fantasy Football.  He won in a thrilling come from behind victory, because that’s the way he likes to do it.

Chilly is the third two-time winner joining Sarg and shruew (who is, of course, the only three time winner and the only recipient of the Yahoo! Bobblehead Trophy).

Thorn once again cleans up the consolidation bracket to finish third for the second time in a row which is the Fantasy Football equivalent to the Infested Award.

Overall it was a great season with the vast majority of the league in the playoff hunt into the final week.  See everyone next year for the 12th year of Fantasy Football (which is the ‘silk’ anniversary if you want to get your shopping done early).


It’s a time to be thankful and grow beards to somehow raise money for butt and ball cancers (I assume for a cure, otherwise….yeesh!).  The extra hair on the face serves as a reminder to have their hairy butts and balls inspected by a certified professional.  Also, there is the wide spread slaughter and consumption of turkey flesh this month.

Europeans named the turkey ‘turkey fowl’ as they incorrectly thought they were related to a type of bird that comes from Turkey.  The name stuck, as Europeans were preoccupied with the genocide and subjugation of a couple continents worth of people to issue a correction.  You can excuse the oversight, though, because eventually this all leads up to… FOOOTBALL!

As we approach  the payoffs in Ranger Squad Fantasy Football Season 11 Thorn, Chilly, Pip, shruew and one outsider are all vying for the 4 playoff spots with three more teams just two games out with two weeks to go.  This is turning out to be one of the tightest seasons ever!

Ranger Squad Fantasy Football Season 11

Ranger Squad Fantasy Football Season 11 is here – arguably our most eleventh-iest season to date!

Sign up, invite some friends — and remember, this isnt a friendly competition… we play for keeps!

This year’s theme bet is “My Left Foot.” In Honor of the 25th anniversary of the shaky appendaged art film the winner of this year’s league will receive all the left feet of the losers for 1 year. (The winner must return them in near mint condition after 1 calendar year).  Due to the nature of the prize and the fact they are going to be need to be returned, the League has declared that Quentin Tarantino will not be able to play this year.

Good luck!

State of July Awareness Day

I don’t believe in conspiracies.  I’m sorry, but Obama hasn’t been showing his weakness on the world stage in order to enable Russia to shoot down a Dutch airliner full of AIDS researchers just to throw the Republicans off of his Benghazi tracks.  He did it because of Obamacare.

Still, sometimes the evidence is just to clear to ignore.  July 22nd is National Ratchatcher’s day celebrating the Pied Piper of Hamelin that lured millions of rats out of Germany.  What did he do with all these rats?  Well, I’ll give you a hint – July 23rd is National Hot Dog Day.

In other news …  Fantasy Football is once again coming soon!

Ranger Squad Fantasy Football Season 10

Ranger Squad Fantasy Football returns for Season 10! Our most double digit season to date! The classic match up of the greatest minds, luck, forgetting to set lineups, injuries, science and perhaps peanut butter the world has ever known. A competition so tough, Richard Connell – dubbed it The Most Dangerous Game.

Will anyone have the honor, intelligence and strategy to unseat shruewski as the World’s First Two Time Ranger Squad Fantasy Football Champion? Most commentators agree that the field of competition is simply too weak to pose such a threat. Could Sarg break all known laws of quantum mechanics and actually become the second most renowned Ranger Squad Fantasy Football player by becoming the first Three Time Champion. Is it any coincidence that the third anniversary is known as the “leather” anniversary? No. It is not, Sarg.

Ranger Squad members can see the sign up post in the forums. If there’s any outside interest from one of the regulars that can actually be bothered to set a line up every week…feel free to post and we can send you the join information.

Allez cuisine!

Happy Life Day

Hopefully by now everyone has had a wonderful Life Day. It just seems that every three years goes by ever so fast these days. As we’re putting away our red robes and laughing how your Aunt messed up (once again!) Mallatobuck’s famous rump roast, it’s good to remember that Ranger Squad has yet again lasted another year despite all odds and the predictions of the Mayan calendar, the Aztec day planner and the Incan “Hang in There!” cute panther poster.

Though it’s a joyous occasion, it’s also a time of great sorrow as Mr.BigSexy himself has won Ranger Squad Fantasy Football for the second season in a row. Meaning, of course, that shruewski is no loner the World’s Only Two Time Ranger Squad Fantasy Football Champion (he’s now the World’s Only First Two Time Ranger Squad Fantasy Football Champion. Congrats to Mr.BigSexy/SaRg and thanks to everyone that played this year.. hope to see you next year (except for LostPawn, you ringer…).

September 39th Update

Welcome to your September 39th update. As we wait for DayZ stand alone, or a DayZ patch that actually fixes stuff, or a new BF3 expansion, or maybe even a new FPS that will be interesting – one’s Autumn thoughts naturally turn towards Ranger Squad Fantasy Football.

As we hit the 1/3rd mark of the season, it’s worth to take a look at this year’s surprises and expected results alike. For instance, I seem a sure lock in retaining the World’s Only Two Time Ranger Squad Champion title in that I have little chance of becoming the World’s Only Three Time Ranger Squad Champion.

LostPawn is proving us all fools for doubting her in depth, nearly monk-like devotion to American Football. Can she ride this Cinderella story all the way to total victory? Only time will tell.