Infested created a discord for us ages ago but we rarely used it unless something was wrong with our TS. Discord has a native app for Windows/iOS/Android, they’re working on a Linux client and they have a web version if all else fails. I enjoy it’s simplicity and ease of use but I dislike it’s bubbly, bulky interface. Time will tell. I’m not firing up the TS server again any time soon.

An update from The Ginger

RS-Sparky has stepped up again and launched a new pub server for us.  It’s going to have a more relaxed load out and ideally more pub friendly when compared to R1 and TCC.  I’ve updated the server images above also hoping to simplify the look a bit.  The last ones were a little busy.

I’ve removed the stats image since it hasn’t been updated in ages.  It looks like our ‘stat fever’ was short lived.  Well, all of us but our fun-loving stat whore, Profit.  😀

Our World at War servers

After 21 hours of uploading and figiting with the server configs… we have a hardcore S&D and a hardcore mixed gametype server up and running.  We’d all like to send a special shout out to Sparky for hosting them.  I’ve also installed Ultrastats and I’m still unsure if it’s working.  We shall see in due time.  Remember kiddies, contact Infested for web hosting and Sparky for game hosting. Thank you and have a fabulous day.

PC: World at War – Beta

The beta for the PC version of Call of Duty: World at War was released yesterday.  I’ve taken down our CoD4 TDM and CoD4 Paintball servers to make room for a new WaW server.  It’s currently set up for Mixed Hardcore. It’s switching between TDM, S&D and CTF.  Images above have been updated accordingly.  The full version drops Nov 11th.  Thank you for shopping @ rangersquad.com

New TDM server w/ stat tracking

We’ve set up a new ranked TDM server.  The info is in the banner above.  All statistics will eventually be tracked @ www.battletracker.com.  It still shows ‘pending’ and reading on their forums, sometimes it takes a while to start up.  Basic server stats track automatically but if you’d like to see where you’re shooting people and how people kill you… create an account and add yourself to the clan stats page! If you need help with anything ask me for details.