And Winner is You!

Assuming you are, of course, Chillybilly.  Congrats to Chilly for winning Season 11 of Ranger Squad Fantasy Football.  This marks Chilly’s second championship in RS Fantasy Football.  He won in a thrilling come from behind victory, because that’s the way he likes to do it.

Chilly is the third two-time winner joining Sarg and shruew (who is, of course, the only three time winner and the only recipient of the Yahoo! Bobblehead Trophy).

Thorn once again cleans up the consolidation bracket to finish third for the second time in a row which is the Fantasy Football equivalent to the Infested Award.

Overall it was a great season with the vast majority of the league in the playoff hunt into the final week.  See everyone next year for the 12th year of Fantasy Football (which is the ‘silk’ anniversary if you want to get your shopping done early).

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