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Infested created a discord for us ages ago but we rarely used it unless something was wrong with our TS. Discord has a native app for Windows/iOS/Android, they’re working on a Linux client and they have a web version if all else fails. I enjoy it’s simplicity and ease of use but I dislike it’s bubbly, bulky interface. Time will tell. I’m not firing up the TS server again any time soon.

On This Day in History Repeats Itself

Today, in 1429, Joan of Arc listened to the voices in her head and led the relief of Orleans. 433 years later, the Union captures New Orleans in the Civil War. Just 83 years later, still on the same day, Hitler married Eva in a civil ceremony. And, of course, just 66 years after that Prince William and “The One That’s Not Pippa” married in a wedding ceremony. The Middleton coat of arms is adorned with three acorns (slipped and leaved) which, of course, are also featured on the Orleans coat of arms that Joan of Arc helped liberate. Thus proving, once and for all, that time is a circle set on repeat.